General terms and conditions

Art.1 BOOKING CONFIRMATION - The booking is confirmed the signing of this contract.

Art.2 PAYMENT OF CHARTER PRICE - The payment of the price, or, if it has been paid in advance, the balance of the price, will be at the end of the rental period, before departure.

Art.3 NAVIGATION AREA - The hirer undertakes to limit the navigation of the vessel within the Zone of navigation, and regions within the same area, while the vessel is legally authorized to navigate.

Art.4 AUTHORITY OF THE SKIPPER - The lessor warrants that the skipper reserves the charterer the same attention and the same respect that reserves to the lessor. The skipper will comply with all orders given by the charterer, if reasonable under the diligence of a good sailor. That is to say that the skipper has no obligation to obey orders that, in his opinion, could lead to the ship in ports or places unsafe, or that could prevent the timely delivery of the vessel at the end of the rental period.

Art.5 SAFETY NAVIGATION - To protect the safety of navigation, falls within the competence of the skipper invite those who take improper conduct, dangerous and, in any case, inadequate orderly conduct of the cruise, to leave the vessel.

Passengers are required to present themselves at embarkation thirty minutes in advance of the scheduled departure time. Failure to present boarding within the time described in the previous point does not entitle to any refund. In case of doubt, please consult a member of our crew before leaving the ship that will be able to provide you with all the necessary information. The owner reserves the right to make changes to schedules and / or schedules in the event of unfavorable weather and sea conditions, force majeure or technical-operational requirements. This right does not entitle the customer to any reimbursement. As far as bathing and circumnavigation are concerned: visits by sea, circumnavigations and stops in the creeks are always optional and subject to weather and sea conditions, judged unquestionable by the Captain of the boat. Any failure to perform for reasons of force majeure or technical operational requirements of the cruise  does not give the right to reimbursement , even partial.

It is absolutely prohibited on board:

●       Keeping behaviors or attitudes that are or may cause disturbance or disturbance to other passengers;

●       Tampering with furniture and equipment on board;

●       Wearing or keeping in arms baggage and ammunition

●       Bring flammable, explosive, corrosive materials with you, in your luggage. Or in any case dangerous, as well as oxygen, compressed air, gas and similar cylinders;

●       Transport letters and parcels subject to postal charges;

●       Throwing objects of any kind into the sea.

Art.6 WITHDRAWAL OF THE LESSEE - If the renter withdraws from the rental contract, any deposit paid will be returned to the renter according to the following methods:

  The reservation is considered confirmed only after advance payment of the 50% deposit. The remaining 50% must be paid before the start of the tour.

From the moment the booking is confirmed up to 7 days before the departure date we will provide a TOTAL refund of the amount paid as a deposit or balance.

From 6 days before the departure date until the day of the departure we will not make any refund except for just cause (illness, death or serious problems, by certifying the problem through documentation you will have the possibility of receiving the full refund).

In case of bad weather we will ask you if you want to move the tour date (based on our availability) or alternatively be refunded.

The tour may be canceled if the minimum number of passengers is not reached (minimum 8 passengers).

No refund will be given to anyone who does not show up at the agreed boarding time without having given prior notice.

The calculation of the terms starts from the day following the cancellation date and includes the departure date.


Art.7 WITHDRAWAL OF THE RENTER - For reasons of great strength or other strictly personal eligible unpredictability (as health problems), the lessor may terminate the contract, giving timely notice to the charterer. The lessor shall have the right, where possible, to propose an alternative to the charterer, which is such as to result in changes of the programs of the charterer or change the means of transport used to reach the ferry (and landing start ). In any case, you may not agree with the alternative proposal of the charterer and choose to be refunded the amount already paid as an advance, but we can ask the lessor compensation for any further damage.

Art.8 OBLIGATIONS OF THE RENTER  - The renter will provide the charterer the vessel in perfect conditions, complete with all the safety equipment required for the type of navigation to be carried out in compliance with applicable regulations and insurance law. About the charterer, by signing this contract, expressly declares that it has signed all insurance as required by law.

Art.9 LIABILITY OF THE LESSEE -The renter is required to conserve and look after the goods entrusted to him for rent with all due diligence. In the event of breakdown, loss and/or damage to the vessel or its parts, occurring during the rental period and attributable to the conduct of the charterer, even if caused by third parties, without prejudice to force majeure, the charterer will have to compensate the renter the cost necessary for the repair or recovery of the asset or its parts. The renter will not be personally liable for any damage to people, animals or things caused by the use of the vessel, especially if caused by other parties or due to bad weather and sea conditions.

Art.10 FAILURE OR DAMAGE IS NOT EXPECTED - If you experience failure or damage to the vessel not provided or expected, subject to the assumptions referred to in article 8, the renter agrees to make, the time needed for repair, as short as possible. No compensation will be required.

Art.11 CHARACTERISTICS AND CONDITIONS OF CRUISE - The renter declares to have been informed by the lessor, therefore, to have knowledge of the characteristics of a pleasure boat and the terms and conditions of a cruise on it, living spaces and the maximum number of people the boat can carry.

Art.12  Protection of personal data - Pursuant to Article 13 of EC Regulation n. 2016/679 laying down provisions on the protection of personal data, the Company, as data controller, informs that the personal data provided by the passenger will be processed for purposes strictly connected to the management of the contractual relationship and the provision of services, also for by means of information systems, suitable for guaranteeing their security and confidentiality.

Art.13 – Complaints - The passenger, if he finds shortcomings or irregularities in the service rendered by the Company, can notify the Command on board or  writing to:

Art.14 JURISDICTION - The parties expressly declare that any and all disputes arising from this contract shall be at the processed Court of Trapani.

Art.15 RULES  - All matters not provided for in this contract, the parties shall refer expressly to the provisions of the Navigation Code, the Civil Code and the applicable Italian