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Cala Fredda (Fridda) Beach - Levanzo

Cala Fredda is a small beach composed of rocks and cliffs that rises on the stretch of the southern coast of the island of Levanzo.

Very coveted by tourists because the waters that bathe , turquoise and clear, as well as being notoriously cold just as the name suggests, are the umpteenth confirmation of the beauty of the island of Levanzo.

The seabed is rich in archaeological finds that can be admired through scuba diving.

In the adjacent areas of Cala Fredda there are also remains of a Roman wreck.

Cala Fredda, like other environments of Levanzo is a natural oasis and in some ways uncontaminated, perfect for those who want to spend a day of relaxation in contact with nature.


From our boats, daily excursions will allow you to admire the beauty of the island.

Visit Favignana and Levanzo with the Egady Day tour , stops will be provided in the beautiful coves of Bue MarinoCala AzzurraCala Rossa and the Cave of Lovers in Favignana and Cala Fredda and Cala Minnola on Levanzo.

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