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Favignana Island

In ancient times the name of Favignana was Egusa (Aegusa for the Latins), from the Greek Aigousa (Αἰγοῦσα), that is «that has goats», given their abundance on the island. It was also known by other names such as Aponiana, Katria, Gilia and is remembered by numerous writers including Plinio, Polibio, Nepoziano, the anonymous Ravennate. It was known by the Arab geographers with the name Djazirat 'ar Rahib ("island of the monk" or "of the hermit"), as on the island stands a castle of the Norman era, the so-called Castle of Saint Catherine, where he lived for precisely a monk. The painter Savior Fiume called it a "butterfly on the sea" because of its characteristic shape. The current name (formerly Favognana) comes from the Favonio, a warm west wind that determines its very mild climate.

The island of Favignana has an area of ​​approximately 19 km² and a coastal development of 33 km jagged and rich in cavities and caves. Although in ancient times it was rich in vegetation, today it is poor because of deforestation.

The island is crossed from north to south by a mountain ridge whose maximum altitude is that of Monte Santa Caterina, of 314 meters. Other two peaks are the Punta della Campana 296 meters high and the Punta Grossa (252 meters).

On the southern side are the islets Preveto, Galera and Galeotta (practically some rocks).

To visit absolutely by boat or raft to appreciate its beauty and catch the details.

Favignana beaches:

  • Praia beach at the port
  • Ravine (sandy beach)
  • Cala Azzurra (beach with rocks)
  • Cala Rossa (cliff)
  • Sea Ox (cliff)
  • Cala Grande
  • Cala Ritunna (round cove)
  • Perciata cave (cliff)
  • Calamoni (cliff and small beaches)
  • Slide (cliff)
  • La Praia
  • Punta longa
  • Preveto (pebbles)
  • Marasolo (small beach with rocks)

Things to do in Favignana:

  • Immerse yourself in the crystal waters of Cala Rossa, in a unique natural setting.
  • Visit the sea caves (Grotta degli Innamorati).
  • Watch the sunset from Punta Sottile, watching the sun die beyond the lighthouse.
  • Observe the view from the Castle of S. Caterina, the highest point of Favignana, with a view of the entire archipelago.
  • Visit the museum of the former Florio factory with one of the many guided tours.
  • Visit the ancient tuff quarries and the hypogea gardens which are now growing luxuriant and well cared for.
  • Stroll between the two squares of the town and the small port, up to the promenade with views of Levanzo.
  • Taste local delights.
  • Talk to the tuna-bearers and be told the stories of the tonnara and what was the slaughter in Favignana.
  • Snorkeling through the crystal clear waters of Cala Azzurra.
  • Have a drink on the boat at sunset.
  • Enjoy the sun while lying on the shore of Cala Azzurra.
  • Diving from the Bue Marino or Scalo Cavallo or, if more experienced, from Punta Fanfalo.
  • Taste cassatine, cassatelle and cannoli in a pastry shop.
  • Take wonderful pictures of all the breathtaking landscapes of the island.
  • Savor an ice cream or one of the many slushes observing the view from the seafront.
  • Visit the archaeological area of ​​San Nicola.
  • Take a long walk through the green of the S.Caterina mountain.
  • Buy one of the many handmade souvenirs or paintings.
  • Take home typical products of tonnara.
  • Climb Mount St. Catherine on donkey back with one of the excursions.
  • Buy one of the small tuff sculptures of local artists.

How to get to Favignana:
There are different solutions to reach the island of Favignana:

-By hydrofoil: The hydrofoils of Liberty Lines depart every hour from morning to evening, the ticket offices are located in front of the pier from where the hydrofoils depart. The journey lasts 20 minutes (30 if it also stops in Levanzo). It is recommended to book online so you can avoid the queue at the ticket office.

-By Ferry: Ferries generally take just over 1 hour to reach the island of Favignana. The ticket office is located at the maritime station of the port where the boarding takes place. Also in this case it is recommended to book online.

-For those who want a private transport for their needs can contact us so that we can find the best solution together.


From our boats, daily excursions will allow you to admire the beauty of the island.

Visit Favignana and Levanzo with the Egady Day tour , stops will be provided in the beautiful coves of Bue MarinoCala AzzurraCala Rossa and the Cave of Lovers in Favignana and 

Cala Fredda and Cala Minnola on Levanzo.

For a tailor-made tour or private boat trips just for you and your friends, choose our Exclusive services.

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